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Any one of you that knows me is aware that I’m staging my newest production, Locombia, independently. I’m not affiliated with any company, or funded by any grant. Everyone I hired is on board because they believe they will enjoy working on the show.

However, they aren’t volunteers. …

And, see, the thing about hiring a staff is that you have to eventually pay them. I’m heavily outnumbered by this crew, and they will eventually expect compensation. I’m not closed to the idea of fleeing the country to avoid this, but Kickstarter seems more practical. Watch the video, learn about the show and help me pay these awesome artists if you can, and give to the production, by clicking here:

Locombia’s Kickstarter page

Video by Josef Galatioto

Thank you Joe, and thanks to everyone working on the show already. To everyone who donates,  much appreciation from me and my credit line!

J. Anthony Roman




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“Acting!”…said in my best Jon Lovitz voice

UVPlayFestivalVersion3Ahoy hoy! Hope everyone is staying cool and breezy.

Have you been waiting in anticipation for my triumphant return to the stage with a case of full blown actor?!

No? Well, odds are no one else is either, but that doesn’t stop it from happening!

I will be featured in Katherine Chua’s play “Kracker Jack Ring” which is part of the Unboxed Voices 2nd  Annual Short Play Festival

All the information is in the flyer above. I am part of festival A! Should be fun


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My latest project: Namor! at NY Madness, Monday 8PM, Urban Stages


I will be participating in this Monday’s NY Madness!

NY Madness is a monthly festival, where a featured guest writer picks a theme, and the writers have one week to write, and put up a staged reading of the piece.

This month’s guest writer is Saviana Stanescu. Her theme is “Outsiders”

My scene is called NAMOR, and yeah, it delves into Namor the Submariner, and explores the subject of duality.

It’s a monologue that will be performed by me. Fall back, Pacino.

Here are the other writers  involved:

Cecilia Copeland, Judith Leora, Ed Cardona Jr., Molly Hagan, Jenny Lyn Bader, Kyoung Park, and David Hilder

NY Madness will be at:

Urban Stages, 259 30th Street, Between 7th and 8th Avenues

$5 Donation!


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An Evening w/ J.Anthony Roman,May 5th, Video Promo:Help Prevent J.Anthony Roman from launching an Indigogo Campaign

As some of you already know, next Sunday May 5th is my fundraiser for my next show Locombia. And here’s a video of me explaining how coming to the show can help your own sanity.

If you don’t know what’s going on next week, here’s the scheme.


Sunday, May 5th, Unboxed Voices host An Evening With J. Anthony Roman. Not only will 6 great artist share with you 6 of my favorite pieces, but every dollar made on 5/5 will go help support the future of Unboxed Voices, and fund my next project, Locombia: An Unemployed American’s Guide to Surviving Bogota, D.C.

Locombia: An Unemplyed American’s Guide to Surviving Bogota, D.C will be a collection of 20 short stories and poems about my trip to Bogota, Colombia. Locombia is a comedic, slide show, travel writing, journey that explores the similarities of being poor in a third world country and being broke in the USA. The goal is to produce Locombia here in New York City in the fall of 2013.

So if you want to help me get this done, come by May 5th and see An Evening With J. Anthony Roman, which takes place at Culturefix. Culturefix is not only an amazing performance venue, but they have a serious bar and beer menu that may keep you there a lot longer than you planned. It’s happened to me.

Everything you need to know is in the flyer here, next to that handsome devil. Story descriptions, and who is reading them will be found below.

It’s been some time since I’ve embarked on a production, and I hope to see you all there, at the start of the process. God speed!

Stories being read at An Evening with J. Anthony Roman:


The Motherfuckers Who Stole my Actress, read by Jill DeArmon

A tale of woe from the world of off off Broadway.


The People in the Bushes, read by Lee Kaplan

New York natives, through the eyes of an outsider.


Strike Parties, read by Keith Johnston

A community deals with the death of a teenager during the 2005 transit strike


My 1st Sexual Assault/The1st Time I walked my Roommates Dog, read by Nick Amadeus

A firsthand account of some first time experiences


The Circle Over Central Park, read by Jedidiah Clarke

New York City reacts to an odd phenomenon


Sex In The City 2 movie review, read by Diaka Kaba Hill

My review of Sex in the City 2


Plus, me, probably wearing the same shirt from the video, reading an excerpt of Locombia!



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Happy New Year! New Story “Door to Door” at Unboxed Voices 1/7/13

Happy 2013 peoples, and I hope it’s met you well. I will be reading a new tale, “Door to Door” a break up story, next Monday at this month’s Unboxed Voices event. It’s about a guy who loses his lady to her profession, or at least that’s what he tells himself.

The writers were asked to tell a story in 7 minutes, to coincide with the date (I think). The other writers for Monday are Ghana Leigh, Chris Harcum, Keith Johnston, and Kat Chua.

Price: Free!

Bar 81-136 2nd Avenue  7PM

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