The Unboxed Voices 3rd Annual Play Festival


My yearly tradition of acting continues with the Unboxed Voices Third Annual Short Play Series. I’m all up in this, I have a monologue and I’m in a youth written scene! Back up off me, Decaprio.

The youth scene is by writer Danielle Bonet. I haven’t met her, or him, and we haven’t spoken. I guess all I can tell you about Danielle is that he, or she, can’t legally drink yet, and he, or she, wrote this sweet short play, Restaurant. Restaurant is about the night a couple reveals their love for each other.

Restaurant goes up Saturday, July 26th at 3PM and Sunday the 27th at 7PM.

I’m also performing my short story/monologue, Namor. Namor is about duality, and goes up Friday, July 25 at 7:30PM and Sunday, July 27th at 3PM.



(Namor was published in Have A NYC 3 in June, here’s where you can get it:   )

You can buy tickets to the Unboxed Voices 3rd Annual Short Play Festival right here:

Tix are $18, online and at the door.

Probably the last time I’ll do NAMOR for awhile, so I’ll get it in while I can…



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