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Any one of you that knows me is aware that I’m staging my newest production, Locombia, independently. I’m not affiliated with any company, or funded by any grant. Everyone I hired is on board because they believe they will enjoy working on the show.

However, they aren’t volunteers. …

And, see, the thing about hiring a staff is that you have to eventually pay them. I’m heavily outnumbered by this crew, and they will eventually expect compensation. I’m not closed to the idea of fleeing the country to avoid this, but Kickstarter seems more practical. Watch the video, learn about the show and help me pay these awesome artists if you can, and give to the production, by clicking here:

Locombia’s Kickstarter page

Video by Josef Galatioto

Thank you Joe, and thanks to everyone working on the show already. To everyone who donates,  much appreciation from me and my credit line!

J. Anthony Roman




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