THE MEET: 10 Theater/Production Companies! One Stage! August 18th-21st 8PM!!!!

Can You Dig It?!


Hello All You People…

I am proud to announce my new project, THE MEET! I coerced 10 theater/production companies into representing themselves over four nights at Center Stage, NY.

Each company will represent themselves in scenes no longer than 20 minutes. No other limitations on style or theme was given. Come out and see what these companies come up with, and cheer your favorite company on.

This is an exhibition, not a competition. But since each company has their own audience, own style, own reputations… and all on one stage. Well, I doubt they will do anything less than put their best foot forward.

Just added: STAGE OF FIENDS will be providing a nightly burlesque-y variety act named “The Witching Hour Burlesque”, which will feature flech, erotic poetry and theatre!

The Witching Hour Burlesque will start at exactly 7:30PM, all nights of THE MEET. This is for ADULTS ONLY! Attendance is optional with your ticket.

THE MEET takes place August 18th through the 21st, 2010 @8 PM. Here is the schedule:

AUGUST 18th & AUGUST 20th 2010:

Lighthouse Theatre Company presents…

 Observations of Hindsight

Observations of Hindsight combines live theatre and film to tell the story
of four people living in New York, whose paths cross for one second in time.
A second that will change everything about the way you feel when walking the
streets of this city.

Written by Anthony Caronna

Directed by  Anthony Caronna and Alexander Smith

With: Alexander Smith, Sarah Mcormick,

Anthony Caronna, Zach Galligan, Jonathan Tracey, Olivia Caronna, and Ethan Clarke


Boomerang theatre Company presents…

 How to Speak Man

 In the entire history of theater, from the Greeks to Shakespeare to

Shaw to the Wilson brothers (August and Lanford), only one play has

proclaimed itself the best of them all, a play born to increase our

understanding of ourselves, our souls and our world. This play,

however, is just funny and silly.

Written by Sharyn Rothstein

Directed by Ric Sechrest

With: Douglas Giorgis*, Ric Sechrest*, Dave Koenig, and Mark Souza


STuFF FiLMS presents…


STuFF Happens

 STuFF FiLMS is a smorgasbord of scintillating, splendiferous, socially irreverent and somewhat silly string of sketches…so


Written by Jonathan David, Ethan Aronoff, Jared Miller, Beth MacGregor, and Diana Cherkas, and Cooper Shaw

Directed by Gonzo and Jnony

With: Ethan Aronoff, Diana Cherkas*, Charlie Coniglio, Raymond Cordova, Jared Miller, Cooper Shaw*, Griffin Dubois, and Jonathan “Gonzo” Galvez


Red Elevator Productions presents…

 The Story of Little Sanchez and How We Lost our Mother

Written by Daniel Talbott

Directed by Portia Krieger

With: Daniel Abeles*, Craig Jorczak*, Anna O’Donoghue*, Claire Siebers, and Laura Ramadei


We Be 3 presents…

 Breaking Even

 “Life is a long lesson in humility.” J.M. Barrie

 Directed by Anthony Augello*

Written by Concetta Rose Rella

With: Ricky Sosa, Jimmy Juste, Morgan Lynch, and Concetta Rose Rella


 AUGUST 19th & AUGUST 21st 2010:

Sneaky Snake Productions presents…

 an excerpt from 13 Variations on a Gun

 A tantalizing glimpse at Sneaky Snake Productions’ latest bewildering work-in-progress, an ambitious, logic-defying ballet of mystery and sound that draws inspiration from the board game Clue, Agatha Christie novels, and the illustrations of Edward Gorey and Eugene ‘Gene’ Thurston.

 Written by Chris Chappell

Directed by Paige Blansfield

With: Matthew Trumbull*, Jesse Wilson, and Richard Lovejoy


Impetuous Theater Group presents…


 Book by Crystal Skillman

Lyrics by Chris Bell

Music by Adam Cohen

Directed by James David Jackson

Choreographed by Summer Baldwin

With: Laura Gilreath, Ricky Lewis, Adam Cohen, Summer Baldwin, and Marissa Maislen


Regroup Theatre presents…

 Where There’s Smoke

 If the flames of passion die do we let our commitments go up in smoke?

 Written by Betty Pink

Directed by Patricia Runcie

With: Steve Remeika and Katherine Nolan Brown


Overturn Theatre Ensemble presents…

 And Eggs Cook

 A struggling tale of getting to know a person… when you bought them online.

 Written by Diana Stahl

Directed by Kristy Dodson

With: Jessica Kahler & David Winning*


The LabRats present…

Been Down So Long Looks Like Up To Us

 How long you gotta stay down before you crawl your way back up?

 Written by Lawrence Dial

Co-Directed by Melissa Rosenberger and Ana Maria Jomolca

With: Daniela Mastropietro*, Stephen Palgon, Adam Cohen, Melissa Rosenberger, Ana Maria Jomolca*, Sal Massari, Jessica Sherr, Meredith Autry*, Danielle Vettraino and Ty Phillips


Tickets are on Sale NOW!!


You can buy tickets now here: (Price includes service fee!)


Cash only at the door!

All shows take place at Center Stage, NY
48 West 21st Street, 4th Floor, Dial 401#
Between 5th and 6th Avenues

All proceeds go towards Developing Artist Theater Company and Center Stage, NY.


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