Belated Apocalypse Chapter 5: Mother’s Day @ BackYart!

Mikey and Gerald have conflicting opinions on their new cocaine selling location on a stoop in Elmhurst, Queens. Mikey feels exposed, as Gerald finds joy in pushing rich kids around.
On their chosen day off, Sundays, Gerald secretly goes fishing, which he learned from the only male presence in his life he’s ever respected, a drunk N.B.A executive assigned to him from the big brothers program back in high school.
Dropping off a mother’s day card for Aunt, Mikey visits the old record shop and finds his replacement, his cousin Franky, in the middle of a homo sexual act with a co worker. Under the guise of intolerance, he beats Franky to keep him safe.
Belated Apocalypse loves their mothers.

Belated Apocalypse loves their mothers.

Mother’s Day: The duo has been relocated to Elmhurst, Queens! In which Gerald goes fishing, and Mikey finds some “sexual goings on” in their old place of employment!

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