No Matinees


No Matinees ran from June 11-June 16th 2008 to sold out audiences. Directed and starring some of New York City’s best and hard working talent. We will also had the live musical performances from Violent Sex, and Jo-Ski & Reka “The Saint.”

Below are the cast members and directors of each play.

Directed by Kim Howard
With Faryl Millet
Who decides what’s taboo in our world? Cyn see’s danger in the ones in charge.

Directed by David Mitnowsky
With Tracy Pérez, Nick Scoullar, and Liz Sweeney
The loss of innocence, and love, in the time of war.

Pigeons in the Time of iPods
Directed by Patricia Runcie
With Max Woertendyke, and Steve Remeika
The music industry, cell phones, iPods. Where does love fit into this? A record executive gets some advice form an unlikely source.

Piss and Blood
Directed by David Anzuelo
With Jenny Gomez and Kevin Prowse
A one night stand in New Jersey leads to discoveries of age and disgust.

House Play
Directed by Jill DeArmon
With Jay Devore, Jessica Asch, and Jamie Klassel
Siblings in Bayside, Queens deal with the violent past of their parents.

Curtain Jerkin’ at Smokes
Directed by Mauricio Alexander
With Hasani Issa, Jinn S. Kim and Mauricio Alexander
In the new economical scope of New York City, what constitutes a sell out?

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